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      How to Send an Automated Client Anniversary Email in HubSpot

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      Client anniversaries are definitely customer relationship milestones worth celebrating! 🥳

      And sending your customers a quick, personalized note (and a gift, for a more celebratory touch!) thanking them for their business is a great way to show how much you value them (plus it helps you build a loyal client base 💪🏽) But keeping track of each client anniversary and drafting/sending emails can be a time suck. ⏰

      The solution: easy, done-for-you email automation.💅🏽

      Join Mandy and learn how to create and send automated, personalized client anniversary emails via HubSpot - all in under 5 minutes!

      Want more ways to show your clients just how much you care? 🥰 We've got lots of automated, HubSpot-powered ideas: https://digitalreachos.com/

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