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    Sales Hub Tutorial: Setting ICP Tiers Automatically in HubSpot

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      Out of the many wonderful ways that HubSpot helps nonprofits, one of the most utilized is its powerful email tools. The ability to nurture supporters and to send them on a personalized journey keeps them excited to support your mission - and what's better than that? 😍

      Join Mel and Mandy as they offer another bite-sized tutorial on how to build automated lead nurturing workflows that will help you develop lasting relationships with your donor base without time consuming manual processes.💯

      Also, ICYMI: qualified nonprofits who are ready to make the switch to HubSpot can get 40% off! Such big savings on a powerful tool.🧡💪🏽

      Looking to grow your donors? You need more than the email marketing tool you're using now, and you probably need to step up from simple social media strategies. You need HubSpot.

      Check out how we can help! https://digitalreachos.com/

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