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      HubSpot Non-Native Integration with SQL & Zapier

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      These days, building integrations with other systems is a breeze. There are tons of options out there, whether it's Zapier, I-PASS, Tray, or others.

      But what if you don't really want to send your data to another system and instead want to pull information from another system into HubSpot? That's where this hack comes in handy.

      We're going to show you how easy it is to use SQL databases and Microsoft BI tools in order to pull information into your HubSpot system, or take information out of your HubSpot system and put it into other systems.

      This is something that we do quite often at Digital Reach, often when we work with clients who have an EHR or EMR or some other encrypted system that doesn't natively talk to HubSpot, and there are a number of others that connect with Zapier to take information from an EMR/EHR and push it into HubSpot or to take information from HubSpot and push it into that EMR/EHR.

      We're going to walk through how you can use all these things together to create a very simple, easy way to pull information from an EHR system and put it into your HubSpot CRM.

      Join Mandy in this HubSpot tutorial and let's get started!

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