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    Sales Hub Tutorial: Setting ICP Tiers Automatically in HubSpot

      Sales Call Duration Notification Setup in Hubspot

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      We're sharing a game-changer for sales managers and teams — setting up in-app notifications for those meaningful phone conversations that stretch beyond 3 minutes.

      Here's a familiar scenario: Your sales team is in action, building rapport, and diving deep into conversations.

      But you want to make sure you catch those valuable moments... that's where this automation shines! 🌟

      Here's the quick rundown of what our speaker has been talking about:

      1️⃣ Setting Up Triggers: We're using activity properties to filter calls lasting over 3 minutes (when the magic happens!). And if you've got an Enterprise-level Hub, transcripts are a bonus!

      2️⃣ Filtering by Contact Owner: Notifications are personalized to your team. No more noise; just the calls that matter!

      3️⃣ Configuring Actions: Receive in-app notifications right within HubSpot, with the subject "new call recording."

      The best part? Immediate feedback! So, when your SDRs have clients that want to connect for longer chats, you, as the sales manager, get alerted. Stop tracking calls manually and start automating today!

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