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      Marketing Hub Starter Just Got a HUGE Upgrade!!!

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      👀🎉 Take a look at this game-changing upgrade to HubSpot's Marketing Hub Starter - a powerful new automation feature to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level!🚀

      You want a burning-hot funnel but don't have the highest-tier HubSpot plan? Not a problem.

      With this update, you get all the tools, features, and automations in this update for just $50 a month.

      That's a break from tradition, because you usually see better features at higher prices.

      So what's so great about this update? Automating actions directly from form fills used to be something only those with Marketing Hub Pro and above could do. Automation features are now opened up to Starter users, opening up an array of opportunities to take your marketing to the next level.

      Upon form fill Starter users now can:

      ✅ Add/remove from lists

      ✅ Add/remove users from ad audiences

      ✅ Send internal notifications

      ✅ Send an email welcome series (with delays!).

      It's a game-changing update that is all about providing new automations for Starter users that were not available before. ▶️

      📺 Tune in to this video and let Mandy show you how it all works.

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