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    Sales Hub Tutorial: Setting ICP Tiers Automatically in HubSpot

      Nurture Workflows: Segmenting for Relevant Smart Content & Personalized Experience

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      The secret to powering up your nurture campaigns with personalized content is segmenting, segmenting, segmenting!💪🏽

      It's one of the most effective tactics to:

      ✔️anticipate your customer's behavior

      ✔️track their progress, and

      ✔️lead them through the buying journey from top-of-funnel to add-to-cart and finally to checkout

      What's better than just segmentation, though? SMART segmentation and a side of personalization INSIDE your nurtures.😋

      Not sure how to cook this up?🤔

      In this 15-minute HubSpot tutorial, join Mandy as she shows you step-by-step how you can run run super-smart, auto-segmented, personalized, beautiful email nurtures in HubSpot.

      Your takeaways will have an enormous impact on how you run your campaigns:

      You'll learn how to send personalized emails based on the customer's actions within a campaign: whether they clicked through, whether they clicked the CTA on the landing page, etc. so you can speak to them based on where they're at in the buying process.

      Want more personalization power-ups?⚡⚡Our HubSpot pros would love to show you more! Hop on to our website to get in touch: https://digitalreachos.com/ . You can also check out our socials below:

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