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    Sales Hub Tutorial: Setting ICP Tiers Automatically in HubSpot

      Grant Management for Nonprofits Inside of Hubspot!

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      Grant management and tracking donations is time consuming and inefficient.💯

      Nonprofits know this as well as anyone. Shows of hands please?


      That's right – all hands go up. Simply put, there is a better way to do grant management to get the money in the door. The answer? HubSpot for Nonprofits. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

      Your nonprofit could save hundreds, if not thousands, of hours each year by removing the manual data entry required in grant management by automating inside of HubSpot Sales Hub.

      You can also integrate your current grant management software in HubSpot for easy, single-CRM solutions.

      These time savings allow nonprofits to focus on their mission, start closing more grants, and freeing up internal resources to focus on higher value tasks relevant to increasing revenue 📽️

      In this quick HubSpot tutorial sesh, join Mandy and discover how HubSpot can help your team can save hours each week while providing a custom-tailored experience to recipients by automating part or all of your nonprofit's grant management workflows inside a single CRM.

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