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    Sales Hub Tutorial: Setting ICP Tiers Automatically in HubSpot

      Get Your Donations from HubSpot to QuickBooks in a Zap!

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      Mandy is back with another HubSpot tutorial video!🧡

      This one shows nonprofits how to import donation information from HubSpot into Quickbooks using Zapier! This is a must if you're trying to do more complex analysis in Quickbooks or just want that extra layer of sophistication in your reports.

      For anyone who's new to Zaps⚡⚡ - what is Zapier? It’s an online tool that connects the apps and services you use. You can use it to automate tasks, save time and money, and better manage your business processes.

      In this quick session, Mandy walks through the steps of creating a Zapier integration between HubSpot and Quickbooks. With this easy integration, all of your donations will be imported into Quickbooks automatically once they show up in HubSpot, and you get to stop jumping from tool to tool!

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