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      When you're looking at HubSpot onboarding, your options aren't always clear.

      HubSpot offers it, agencies offer it, freelancers offer it, and your internal team might even offer to do it for you without turning to a third-party at all!

      But here's the thing: when it comes to HubSpot onboarding, making the right call of WHO is going to do your onboarding and HOW they're going to do it might be the single-most important tech decision you'll make this year.

      It pays to get it right. And getting it right means understanding your options.

      We've broken it down into three main options below:

      🧡 You can onboard with HubSpot directly.
      This option is often the most cost-efficient and can help you get started with HubSpot in a hurry, but it's only recommended if you have an in-house CRM administrator with deep knowledge of HubSpot and CRMs in general. HubSpot onboarding is great, but theirs is a consultative approach, meaning they'll tell you about best practices for your CRM, but all of the doing is up to you.

      🔥 You can onboard with a HubSpot Partner (like us!) and get onboarding DONE FOR YOU. This means you'll get personalized support centered around your needs and your team's specific goals. If you're onboarding with a HubSpot Partner, be sure to get a feel for the level of "doing" that they're going to be giving you. In our onboarding packages, for example, our HubSpot experts will do ALL of the heavy lifting: running workshops to understand your current business processes, migrating your data into HubSpot, setting up basic and advanced automations, etc.

      🔥🔥🔥 For a more middle-ground option, you might opt to go hybrid and WORK TOGETHER with your onboarding partner.

      Not every HubSpot Partner offers this option, but it's one we really like. This is when we work with businesses that have some knowledge of HubSpot or CRMs and have staff on hand to handle some of the more entry-level aspects of onboarding while our team handles the harder stuff. This option balances the scales: you have extra HubSpot help to deal with the more difficult work of onboarding (data migration, automations, etc.) leaving your team to handle the tasks that are more in their wheelhouse.

      Join Mandy in this quick explainer video and learn more about each of the different HubSpot onboarding options!

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