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    Sales Hub Tutorial: Setting ICP Tiers Automatically in HubSpot

      Send Gifts, Stat! Automatic Gifting Throughout the Sales Process with HubSpot

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      Chances are you’re already great with nurturing and closing leads through the sales process.👏🏽

      But sending gifts to your prospects or clients throughout the entire sales journey? Now you've just instantly levelled up your sales game.🎁😍

      By sending a gift through whenever any lead hits certain milestones in the sales cycle, you're strengthening relationships, delighting them at every turn and making your business memorable.

      Now there are a lot of ways you can do this but clunky tools, manually checking your calendar and ticking them off yet another spreadsheet is... not so great.

      Free up the time you need and build better sales interactions by automating your gifting process inside HubSpot!

      Join this quick HubSpot x Postal.io tutorial with Mandy and she'll show you how you can turn more leads into customers, ensure quick replies from prospects, and help you close deals faster than ever before just by sending out thoughtful gifts.💝

      Never heard of Postal.io? Our podcast with them hits soon! Stay tuned, subscribe and turn on the notification bell for more details.

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