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    Sales Hub Tutorial: Setting ICP Tiers Automatically in HubSpot

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      🚀Increase Efficiency & Collaboration: Master The Seamless SDR/AE Handoff Process Using Hubspot Workflow Automation Inside ➡️Sales Hub⬅️

      If you're interested in enhancing collaboration, boosting efficiency, and mastering the lead management process in HubSpot, this quick HubSpot session is just what you need!

      With Karen leading the way, discover the power of HubSpot Workflow Automation for seamless Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to Account Executives (AE) handoffs today!

      📽️Watch now and delve into the lead management process, providing valuable insights on effectively transitioning leads from your SDRs ➡️ to ➡️ AEs all while optimizing your workflow from a single place: HubSpot.

      At the end of this engaging session, you’ll come out on the other side with these key takeaways:

      🟠Learn about the key stages involved in the SDR to AE handoff

      🟠Learn the HubSpot Sales Hub features that facilitate this process

      🟠Find out how to avoid unnecessary deal creation when qualifying leads

      Don’t miss out: our tutorial showcases real-world scenarios and practical strategies that you can apply right away, making it a MUST-WATCH for anyone using HubSpot Sales Hub.

      Spread the #HubSpotLove🧡! Share this video with your team, and get the tools you need to optimizing the SDR to AE handoff process

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