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    Sales Hub Tutorial: Setting ICP Tiers Automatically in HubSpot

      HubSpot Tips & Tricks: How to Use A/B Testing within Sequences in HubSpot Sales Hub

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      🔑 Unlock the Power of A/B Testing in Email Marketing with HubSpot Sales Hub! 💌

      Join Karen as she guides you through the world of A/B testing, a critical tool for optimizing your email marketing efforts within HubSpot's Sales Hub.

      Discover how A/B testing email marketing can propel your outreach, engage prospects, and enhance your sales sequences—all seamlessly integrated within HubSpot's CRM.

      Get a Sneak Peek of Key Insights Covered:

      🟠Navigating the Sequence Builder in HubSpot Sales Hub

      🟠Harnessing A/B Testing for Email Templates

      🟠Crafting Version A and Version B Templates

      🟠Expanding Your Testing with Additional Templates

      🟠Proven Best Practices for A/B Testing: Subject Lines, Email Content, Personalization Tokens, and CTAs

      🟠Leveraging Real-Time Data for Informed Email Marketing Strategies

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