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    Sales Hub Tutorial: Setting ICP Tiers Automatically in HubSpot

      HubSpot ATS Build Course 6: Creating Hiring Emails

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      Finding and hiring great talent is an enormous responsibility - and one that requires tons of email correspondence to manage on top of replying to job ads from social channels and job boards.📨

      What's more, you might be dealing with yet another applicant who didn't really want the job all along. Sounds like something you're dealing with?🤷🏽

      Time to tune in to Step 6 of our HubSpot ATS mini courses with Mandy and learn how to create smart, personalized hiring emails in HubSpot to streamline the recruitment process and eliminate bottlenecks:

      ✔️Automated emails can be sent with a HubSpot meetings link for the applicant to schedule time for an interview

      ✔️Custom quotes can be presented through HubSpot or through an integration

      ✔️When candidates move in the hiring pipeline, you can send them automated emails using the information in their ticket to personalize them

      Save yourself hours of work and kickstart your search for new talent without ever leaving HubSpot.

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