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      HubSpot ATS Build Course 3: Creating Your Forms

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      Forms - hiring teams are likely swimming in them.

      How do you avoid drowning in it? Easy answer: an Applicant Tracking System.✨🤖

      Say hello 👋🏽 to Step 3 of our HubSpot ATS series, where we share the actual HubSpot builds and workflows we use to automate the hiring process of our fully remote, global team.

      In this mini course, join Mandy and she'll show you how you can leverage HubSpot Forms as a tool for:

      ✔️ Accepting applications

      ✔️ Receive video submissions

      ✔️ Receive test tasks

      In short, HubSpot Forms do most of the heavy lifting without relying on your IT team or expensive software: giving your applicants a chance to connect with you instantly, save their progress and allow you to learn even more about them every time they interact with you from one CRM.

      Discover how easy it can be to create an Applicant Tracking System in HubSpot.

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