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    Sales Hub Tutorial: Setting ICP Tiers Automatically in HubSpot

      How to Do Donor Management in HubSpot

      HubSpot for Nonprofits
      HubSpot Donor Management
      Nonprofit Donor Management
      Donation Tool
      Nonprofits Using HubSpot
      Donation Workflows
      Donor Engagement Plan
      Managed Donor
      Donation Database
      Managed Donations

      For nonprofits, donor management is top of mind among NPO program leaders.💯

      But, without the right tools and processes in place, it can be tedious, costly and time consuming. We'll show you to get donor management done right with HubSpot for Nonprofits.

      In this video, join Mandy and Mel as they show you how to manage your donor relationships, take payments, track and attribute donations within HubSpot — so can focus on providing meaningful experiences to your supporters, increase revenue, and save time.

      Need more nuggets of nonprofit marketing wisdom? Digital Reach is a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner 💎 and we've helped our NPO clients achieve success 🏆 in today's increasingly digitized donor landscape: https://digitalreachos.com/

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