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    Sales Hub Tutorial: Setting ICP Tiers Automatically in HubSpot

      Automatic Gifting Based on Deal Stage, Buying Role, & More with Postal.io & HubSpot

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      Need to send gifts to a prospect? To a new employee? To celebrate a client milestone? πŸ’

      Gift-giving is a beautiful way to strengthen relationships + level up your offline marketing game, but the administrative work can certainly take the fun out of it.πŸ‘ŽπŸ½

      Postal.io takes the pain out of the process and HubSpot seamlessly tracks all your gifting activities in a single CRM.

      Put them both together and you've just created the perfect integration to automate the gifting process from start to finish.

      Save yourself time, stress and money. Join Mandy in this quick HubSpot tutorial as she shows you exactly how you can start automating your offline marketing based on deal stage, buying role and more!

      Now you have an easy way to send a coffee, a box of welcome cookies, flowers, a renewal bottle of wine, or a holiday card...all without leaving your desk.β˜•πŸͺπŸ’πŸŽ

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